Q:  What educational experience should I list under the Education Tab?

A:  Although all education and flight training is important, we ask that you only list the educational facilities from which you have achieved an educational degree.  Highest degree obtained will be verified. Please do not include flight training courses. 

Q:  Am I required to have a B737 Type Rating to be hired at Southwest Airlines?

A:  No, a Boeing 737 Type Rating is no longer required.  Pilot candidates must still have a U.S. FAA unrestricted Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with an AMEL rating to be considered a valid applicant.

Q:  I have just obtained a B737 Type Rating, how will Southwest evaluate that achievement? 

 A:  Some candidates may have recently received a B737 Type Rating; we understand their commitment and recognize they may be targeting an opportunity at Southwest Airlines.  That commitment will not go unrecognized. Even though the type rating is no longer required, it is still beneficial and will continue to have value in the screening process.

Q:  When will my letters of recommendation be considered?

A:  We value your letters of recommendation and will review them during the interview process.  We ask that you submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your flying skills by observing over a sustained period of time.  Letters can be brought in with you on day of interview, uploaded to your profile, submitted via Recommendations tab here at or by our company intranet site by Southwest employees.

Q:  How will I know my profile is complete and ready for review?

A:  Once you've created a profile you will receive a confirmation email.  You will receive no additional emails confirming your profile status.  Your profile is visible as soon as it is created; there is no “submit” button.  A complete profile is indicated by all green check marks and will allow your profile to be reviewed.

Q:  When will I know if I have been selected for an interview?

A:  You must apply at to an open job posting and have a completed profile to be considered for the hiring event.  Once your profile is complete, it will be evaluated and you will be contacted by Southwest Airlines via the email listed on your profile if selected for an interview.

Q:  How often should I update my profile?

A:  We recommend updating once a month especially if you are adding more flight time, education, leadership etc. 

Q:  What is a "Commander-Directed Downgrade?"

A:  Commander-Directed Downgrade is administered by the USAF in cases where the aircrew member's ability to safely operate the aircraft is in question or the aircrew's judgement is in question by the commander.  This action is documented using AF Form 8 and listed on the AF Form 942.

Q:  If I interviewed recently will I be considered during the next Pilot Job Posting?

A:  Yes; however, a candidate must wait one year from date of previous interview to be interviewed again.  Candidates must submit an application at for each hiring event to be considered for that hiring cycle.  Candidate may use the same profile for each hiring event.  Please ensure the profile is current as changes may occur between hiring events.


Q:  How do you define "Pilot In Command?"

A:  PIC for this purpose is defined as Captain/Aircraft Commander of record, not simply the sole manipulator of the controls.  For military personnel, Southwest Airlines will allow flight time logged as "Pilot in Command" (PIC) only if you are the Captain/Aircraft Commander, Evaluator, or Instructor Pilot.  Primary time will only be considered PIC on a specific aircraft after an individual upgrades to Aircraft Commander in the appropriate aircraft.  Time logged as "Other Time" will not be considered.

Q:  How is my Grand Total flight time calculated?

A:  Grand Total is the summation of PIC and SIC.  Evaluator and Instructor time may be considered PIC.

Q: My airline operates under an AQP program. If I received an incomplete during the Maneuvers Observation portion of the training is this considered a failed checkride?

A: No, The Maneuvers Observation is a training event.

Q:  Will Southwest consider my helicopter and powerlift flight time?

A:  Helicopter and Powerlift flight time may be logged in your profile flight hours tab using the drop down "Other Helicopter/Powerlift" or the specific aircraft.  This time will be considered but will not be counted toward the minimum fixed wing or Jet/Turbine flight time requirements.

Q:  What do you mean by military jet "transport?"

A:  Some examples of military jets in the transport category are C-141, C-9, C-5, C-17.

Q:  What do you mean by military jet "tactical?"

A:  Some examples of military jets in the tactical category are F-18, F-15, F-16, S-3.  Other single pilot jets including training aircraft i.e. T-37, T-38, T45 etc.

Q:  Do I need a 4-year university degree to apply? 

A:  No: currently, a Bachelor's degree is a preferred qualification.  If you state on your application that you have any degree (Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's), the highest level of education completed will be verified by Southwest in order for your application to be further considered.  The degree must have been awarded after completing required coursework recognized as standard within the education community.  If the degree is not verified, it could disqualify you from consideration.  

Q:  How often can I update my profile?

A:  You can update your profile as often as you want, but we recommend at least once a month to ensure you remain active as a candidate in a hiring cycle. 

Q:  Why do you need my e-mail address?

A:  Your email address will be our primary means of communication and should match your email address used at

Q:  Can I use a conversion factor when determining flight time accumulated in the military?

A:  Yes.  Military Conversion: Add .3 hours per leg/sortie to account for taxi time.  These guidelines are used by Southwest Airlines for the purpose of standardizing flight time calculation.